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What is STRATUS?

STRATUS is the ultimate Cloud9 fan experience. Since 2020, STRATUS has provided Cloud9 superfans with limited-edition C9 merchandise, confidential inside access, exclusive experiences, Behind The Scenes content, bespoke community tournaments, D&D campaigns, live events, and more! If you’re a Cloud9 fan looking for the best way to connect with the best team in esports, STRATUS is the only place to be.

How can I join STRATUS?

STRATUS is now available for everyone, all the time! To join our club, simply head over to the STRATUS Store and purchase either a monthly or yearly Membership. You can get started by heading over to the subscription page HERE [link].

What’s the Digital Access Page?

The Digital Access Page is a Member-only portal for all digital STRATUS rewards. You can use this page to view Member-exclusive content, access the Community Discord server, get access to your custom Twitter banner, and learn more about upcoming member events!

What’s the Profile Page?

The STRATUS Profile Page is a one-stop repository for all of your personal information, and it’s synced with your normal Cloud9 store account so you won’t have to be manage your information in multiple places. To make the most out of your STRATUS experience, please be sure to regularly update your Profile if you move and/or go up or down a clothing or shoe size.

We also use the information on your Profile page to send you targeted STRATUS experience updates and introduce a broad range of new and enjoyable experiences throughout the year!

How can I stay up to date with STRATUS?

For the most current information, we recommend that you follow our Twitter, @C9STRATUS, and subscribe to our mailing list[Link]! You can also email at any time to raise any questions, comments, or concerns and receive any information you may need 🙂

Where do I send inquiries or questions about STRATUS?

Please send your questions, concerns, feedback, or baked goods to, that’s the best place to reach us and where you’ll get the fastest reply from us. If you need to reach out to us another way, you can find us in DMs on Twitter or on Discord, but we apologize in advance if we take longer than usual to reply to you there. We’re busy cooking up tons of Cloud9 good times for you and email is the easiest way for us to stay up to date on anything you need!

Can I cancel/refund my Membership?

Our refund policy is a little different for our 2 different subscriptions, and you can jump to the one that applies to you below!

Annual Subscriptions

Generally speaking, we don’t refund annual subscriptions because of the Welcome Box inclusion. It wouldn’t be fair to everyone if we let people hop in, snag a box of sweet sweet Cloud9 goodies, and then bail. That being said, life happens and if you have something come up that requires you to refund your subscription or you’re particularly upset about something related to your membership please reach out to us at and we can talk about it!

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions are not refundable, but you are able to stop your membership from renewing by clicking here [LINK] and then [XYZ steps]

What’s the return policy for physical goods?

In the event something in your Welcome Crate or your STRATUS Store order is defective, has incorrect sizing, or is trying to force you to learn tuba, please let us know at so we can coordinate a replacement.

When does the Welcome Crate ship?

The STRATUS Welcome Crate ships near the beginning of the year for Annual Subscribers and you’ll receive tracking for your order as soon as it leaves our huge cozy warehouse. Keep an eye on your email and our Twitter for updates as we get closer to the shipping window!

For Monthly Subscribers, you can find shipping details on the product page for the Welcome Crate in our store, but the gist of it is that because of the personalization needs for some of the items in your Welcome Crate, you should expect a 2-3 week delay in between placing your order and receiving tracking information.

If you have any other questions, please shoot us a note at!

What’s a Mystery Crate?

The STRATUS Mystery Crates were produced in 2021 and 2022 for our annual Members. We released 2 each year per member (in addition to the Welcome Crate) and they included random assortments of limited-edition merchandise, memorabilia, rare C9 collectibles, digital rewards, and – for a lucky few – Grand Prizes; from Worlds tickets to Perkz’ R Key to custom NZXT PCs.

For now, though, STRATUS Mystery Crates are NOT included with any membership. Will we ever bring them back? Who can say. We don’t know what the future holds but if we did we wouldn’t post about it here. Or would we?