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What is STRATUS?

STRATUS is Cloud9’s premium membership service designed to reward superfans. STRATUS, in sum, aims to provide participants with exclusive and otherwise unavailable opportunities and goods from top-shelf, bespoke merchandise to insider experiences and digital content.

What is the Profile Page?

The STRATUS Profile Page is a one-stop repository for all of your personal information. To make the most out of your STRATUS experience, please be sure to regularly update your Profile if you move and/or go up or down a clothing or shoe size. We also use the information on your Profile page to send you targeted STRATUS experience updates and introduce a broad range of new and enjoyable experiences throughout the year! Any information provided in this section is protected and will not be shared publicly.

What is the Digital Access Page?

The Digital Access Page is a Member-only portal for all digital redeemables. You can use this page to view Member-exclusive content, listen to our Podcast, access the Community Discord server, and learn more about the program!

Where do I go to stay up to date on all things STRATUS?

For the most current information, we recommend that you follow our Twitter, @C9STRATUS, and subscribe to our mailing list! You can also email at any time to raise any questions, comments, or concerns and receive any information you may need!

I’m registered on the website, but I can’t pay…how do I finalize my purchase?

We have sent out and posted links to the STRATUS storefront in email correspondence(s)! If you’re on our Mailing List, you will have received direct notice about how to pay and finalize your Membership purchase!

I’m a current STRATUS Member and have an inquiry, where do I go? (e.g. Shipping, Membership, Payment inquiries, etc.)

For current Members, please send your inquiries directly to or a STRATUS Team Member. Include your Full Name and a brief summary of your inquiry. You’ll be helped within 36 hours.

Can I cancel and/or pause my STRATUS Membership?

Requests to cancel and/or pause your Membership will be managed on a case by case basis. Please send your inquiry directly to and include your Full Name and a brief summary of your circumstance(s).

What is the Return Policy on any physical goods that come with my STRATUS Membership ?

In the event the products within a Crate received are defective or include sizes different than the size you selected please send your inquiry to within seven (7) days of receiving your Crate to coordinate an exchange. You may be required to return the products as directed.

When can I expect to receive my 2022 STRATUS Crates?

The Welcome Crate for 2022 will enter the shipping and fulfillment process on or before February 1st. Each of the Mystery Crates will begin shipping in early July and early November respectively.

How does sizing work?

To provide and, if necessary, update your sizing information, please visit your Profile page on this domain. Regarding how we size clothing, please use your standard clothing and shoe sizes as a point of reference. We use a private label company for our blanks and can provide specific sizing information upon request.

How do Mystery Crates work?

Both STRATUS Mystery Crates will contain a random assortment of physical goods, digital redeemables, and/or unique experiences. The assortment of goods each Member receives will vary, but we can guarantee that you will receive more than what you paid for and much, much more!

What else will I get with my STRATUS Membership?

A STRATUS Membership will also grant you access to the following experiences:

    • Roundtables, AMAs, and Fireside Chats with Cloud9 Players, Coaches, and Staff and other industry professionals ranging from Content Creators, Executives, and notable personalities.
    • Member-only, prized Tournaments for Valorant, Counterstrike, TFT and other titles pending participation.
    • A Member-exclusive League of Legends League that will feature professional video and streaming production, highlight reels, custom prizing, and other unique incentives (the whole 9 yards).
    • Monthly, bespoke video content and originals series.
    • Standing discounts for all Cloud9 retail merchandise and experiences like the Cloud9 Store and Training Grounds.
    • A Member-only Community Discord Server (that’s always popping).
    • Bi-weekly Game Nights featuring popular and upcoming, relevant titles.
    • A monthly, year-long Dungeons and Dragons Campaign.
    • Interactive Watch Parties that feature events and giveaways.
    • Monthly Movie Nights that may feature Guest Speakers from the scene 0.0
    • Unique LAN experiences (pending, in light of the COVID 19 Pandemic).
    • A custom, copywrite-free, playlist.
    • And so much more..! STRATUS will continue to make new products and experiences available throughout the course of the year!
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